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I have started a diet for the first time in my life.  Do you know how odd I am to be a 26-year-old woman on a diet for the first time?  I’m surprised I haven’t been locked up in a museum.

I ave a few friends who are doing Weight Watchers and what they’ve told me about the program sounds good, so I signed up on Monday.  I weighed in (eek!), sat down, and had a listen.  I’m doing this with one of my friends, so we are going to be egging each other on.

My goal is to lose 75 pounds in the next year.  Since this is going to be a big focus in my life, it may spill over into my blog.  If you don’t like it, um…nyeah to you.

I’m considering putting up a little tracker thingy that I can update every week.  What do you think?  Does anyone have any good recipes or workout tips for me?  If you have any diet tips/stories/whatever that you want to tell me and don’t want to say it in the comments for privacy reasons, email christy at angelchrys dot com.

My super-important question is:  Do you know of any good diet sodas?  Fresca is good, but I can’t drink it all the time.  Diet Pepsi tastes like ass and I just tried some funky flavored diet Dr. Pepper that was so gross I trashed it after three swallows.

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  1. I may join you…I was doing well earlier this winter but it’s all gone to pot (or chocolate, as the case may be…).

    I’ve gotten used to regular Diet DP; it took a bit, but it tastes normal now. Linda likes the Diet Rite fruit sodas. I’ve actually grown to like seltzer with a splash of grape juice or just lemon juice and peel in it, too.

    Random tips: pedometer to keep track of your steps and set a goal for…what’s it supposed to be – 10,000 steps – during the day. Shop from a list, and never, ever shop hungry. Prep lots of “good” foods/snacks on weekends so there’s less temptation to grab the ‘easy’ stuff when you’re tired during the week.

    That’s all I’m good for right now…I’ve never done WW, so don’t know what they have…must go look…..

    Yay for you!!!!


  2. Cherry Coke Zero is pretty good- not very diety tasting at all. Oddly enough, regular Coke Zero tastes like ass. Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi is good too, as is Mr. Pibb Zero and Diet Mountain Dew. Good luck! 4 large Cokes a day is my downfall!


  3. Dude. We’re all so proud of you! *sniff sniff* Uh, remind me when the meeting is tonight and I think I’ll try and get there too. This’ll be way fun and hopefully easier with a buddy.

    Good luck to you!


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