WW Update

Since I started Weight Watchers five weeks ago, I have lost 9.8 pounds!  I’m sure that when I go back this weekend, I will have passed the 10 pound mark. Yay!  I still have a ways to go before I meet my initial 10% goal, but I’m on the way there.

I haven’t made any huge changes in the way I eat, but small changes.  I pay attention to portion sizes now.  I don’t just grab a can of Pepsi out of the fridge when I am thirsty.

I am doing WW with a friend and every week we give each other a challenge.  Drink 64 oz of water every day, use the stairs at work, do 20 minutes of exercise 3x a week, things like that.  If one of us fails, the other gets $2.  Little did she know, but challenges like this are what works best on me. So far I’ve made it every week and she’s owed me money every week but one.  She’s almost paid me enough money to cover a meeting fee.

This weeks’ challenge?  15 minutes of exercise every day for me and logging everything eaten for her.

I need to ask for some help from my readers this week.  In the comments, please give me suggestions for fun ways to exercise that don’t involve a large cash expenditure.  By which I mean “more than $5”.  I am broke!

2 thoughts on “WW Update

  1. Meet me at the park with the track around the little lake one evening and we will walk together if you like. I am trying to get myself motivated to do the track there.

    Also, while you watch TV get up and walk around your apartment for the entire time the commercials are on – for every 30 minutes of shows, there is supposed to be an average of 8 minutes of commercial time.


  2. Find some of the strange exercise shows on t.v. and do it along with them….there’s always something different!


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