I am surrounded by cats and waiting for my pizza to show up.  Thought I’d remind the site of my presence.

My move is all done and now all I need is to unpack some stuff and organize my room.  Now that I’m no longer going to be bouncing all over JoCo, perhaps I will spend more time on the blog.

I don’t know anything very interesting right now, which may be part of the reason I’ve not posted anything lately.

Football starts up again this week.  I’m so happy–It’s an indicator of fall for me.  If you think I am going to be anywhere on Thursday besides planted in front of the TV with the Chiefs onscreen, you are drunk.  Just sayin’.

Go Chiefs!

(And goodbye random post.  Perhaps we will do this again a bit more often.)


3 thoughts on “Hi

  1. But…but…I don’t think I’m ready for winter….fall, definitely. Soup, definitely. Wool, DEFINITELY. Just not winter…hmmm…..

    Go Broncos?!?


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