TV Time

It’s getting to be that time of year again–you know what I’m talking about!  
The good TV shows are coming back.   Sure, we had a few shows this summer–Doctor Who, Psych and So You Think You Can Dance. 

But!  Next Monday?  Heroes and Chuck are coming back.  Ugly Betty is coming back soon.  Bones is on.  My Name is Earl comes back on Thursday.  
I’ve been thinking about getting myself an actual TiVo soon.  My boss has been talking hers up and it sounds pretty handy.  Just think–I could set up a wishlist to record whenever David Tennant (Hellooooooooo DOCTOR!) is in something.  Plus, they’re coming up with a new app for the Blackberry soon that will allow you to interface with your TiVo and tell it to do stuff.  I am quite fond of remote control.  😉 I’ve been looking around and I can pick up an 80 hour TiVo on eBay for about $100 or I can spend $150 and know it’s under warranty for a year or I can spend a couple hundred dollars and pick one up with a lifetime subscription on it, which means I don’t have to pay monthly fees.  Hmmm….decisions.�

3 thoughts on “TV Time

  1. I’m with Terri. We have a TiVo downstairs that we pay monthly on, but we have an ancient Reply TV upstairs with lifetime service. I know we’ve had it for at least four years; the lifetime service has more than paid for itself!


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