Weight Watchers Update

I haven’t posted much lately because really, who wants to hear me talk about how I’ve lost a couple of pounds or gained half a pound? I don’t read diet blogs just because of how boring that type of posting is. However, I am going to ignore that today because I am .4 pounds away from making my 10% goal! Next week, I plan on being there. I started in mid-April, so it has definitely taken me some time. But yay! 10% weight loss is pretty damned cool in my opinion.


5 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Update

  1. Good job! Lasting weight loss takes a while, and congrats on being nearly at your 10% goal. Are you going to use the 10% keychain, or do they still give those?


  2. Amanda: I’ve been going since April. I go on Saturdays at the location at 97th & Quivera. I normally go to the 10:15 meeting because it takes a good 20-25 minutes to get there and I am way too lazy to get there early enough for weigh-in at any earlier meetings! You should come join us!

    Terri: I will probably use my keychain to hold my 25 pound marker and my 16 week thingy, but I don’t anticipate using it for my actual keychain.


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