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WW Update!

I have met my 10% goal! I would tell you the amount of weight I’ve lost, but then you’d be able to guess exactly how fat I was.

I will say that after looking up various weights on a BMI calculator, I basically want to be half the woman I was when I started. WW is going to be getting my money for a long, long time because it’s taken me nearly 6 months to get this far.

I’m very excited to be where I am now and I have some plans in the works for speeding myself up. For example, I can now get on my nifty exercise machine because I am not too fat for it. I’ve also found some nifty recipes I plan on trying soon.

My October goal (which I both hate and love at the same time) is that I am only going out to lunch once a week. This will both save me money and allow me to have better control over what I eat.

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