links for 2008-10-16

  • OMG! I must start recording Monk again! Steve Zahn and Bradley Whitford?! Geeky happiness has been achieved, my friends.

    Monk's long-lost brother — the one I first alerted you to in this week's Ask Ausiello — has been found. Former Employee of the Month Steve Zahn has landed the role of Jack Monk Jr., a charming grifter who just escaped from prison and is the prime suspect in a murder. In other Monk news, ex-West Winger Bradley Whitford will guest-star in the episode titled "Mr. Monk on Wheels." He'll play a brilliant, upbeat CEO of an R&D company.


One thought on “links for 2008-10-16

  1. I thought John Turturro was Monk’s brother…must be another one. Love Steve Zahn!!! I’ve drifted in and out of Monk for the last two seasons, as they seemed to have wandered from the Original Intent, but it’s still so much better than most of the drivel on t.v..

    Did you see the Yarn Harlot’s blog from Boston?!? Must go see…


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