So You Think You Can Dance

This topic is mostly for Linda, since we won’t get to discuss it in person for a few weeks! I’m not even gonna bother talking about the solos because I know you fast-forward. 😉

1. The boys all dancing together – awesome! Costumes were…odd, but whatever.

2. Janine and Ade’s samba – apparently I was the only person watching who enjoyed it, considering how the judges dumped all over it.

3. Melissa and Evan’s Broadway – He is just so CUTE. Loved that routine. It was fun, they were obviously having fun and yay! I hate that version of the song–I think I’ve seen so My Fair Lady so many times that I apparently need to hear that song be slurred. Also? Bite me, Lil’ C. That was an A+!

4. Kayla and Brandon’s contemporary – Nice, but didn’t get me all excited. There were no off moments, there were some cool bits, but it didn’t jump out at me. Maybe because it was contemporary?

5. Janine and Ade’s hip hop – Oh JEEZ. Not more Tabitha and Napolean! *sigh* At least it’s not a couple having problems. That was a lot more fun than I expected. I think she’s officially my favorite girl dancer.

(I know I said I wasn’t going to mention solos, but HOLY CRAP, BRANDON! That was awesome and a half!)

6. Melissa and Evan’s (dreaded) quick step – WTF? When will they give up on this damned dance that KILLS dancers? *sigh* But hey! I thought they did pretty well–I never wanted to look away. Cool lift at the end. And yay! Brian Setzer Orchestra song! Why is Mary complaining about the lift? They didn’t put that in there, the choreographer did! Enough with the whining.

7. Kayla and Brandon’s disco – Eh. Felt like they took a moment to pause and think about it whenever moving into or out of a lift. It always seems that when I don’t care about a disco, the judges love it and when I like a disco, they don’t. Also? Nigel? Look into some ritalin.

8. Girls all dancing together – Good, but not as entertaining as the guys. Uh…Lil’ C? That was a weird-ass commentary. Bowl? Really? Loved the makeup on the girls…I want to be able to do stuff like that.

Who do I want to go on to the top 4? Melissa, Janine, Brandon and Evan. We’ll see…tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Dance

  1. okay, so I’m just now getting around to commenting, but at least now I can talk about the finale, too. The judges totally had it in for Evan and clearly didn’t want him in the final four. I thought he did great though – he has the skillz even if he doesn’t have the right “look”. I really thought Brandon deserved to be the winner, but the judges set up Janine to win for some reason I can’t understand.

    And can I just say something about the “cancer dance”? Really? If it weren’t for the stereotypical head scarf it could have been about anything. Tyse should not try to do blantant emotional crap – that’s what “emmy-winner Mia Michaels” is there for.

    Also – I actually stopped fast-forwarding during Brandon’s solo – and made Scott watch it, too. Wowza!!!

    I’m ready for next season!


  2. I have to say, I was pretty happy with how the finale went. I didn’t want Kayla to be there and she was fourth. I wanted Evan recognized and dangit, the watchers recognized him, even if the judges were being down on him. I would have been happy with either Brandon or Jeanine to win. Personally, I’m glad she won because I thought she had more of an entertaining personality and you could see her develop over the season. Don’t get me wrong, Brandon is awesome. It’s just…he had no arc. He started awesome, he stayed awesome. Much less interesting than Jeanine.


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