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Green Day

In short, they were awesome.

In detail…

I bought my friend Elizabeth a ticket for her birthday in May and we’ve been looking forward to the concert ever since. We got there about half an hour before the show was supposed to start and were greeted inside the door by a man asking where we were sitting. When we told him we were in section 232, he told us to go upstairs to get a seat upgrade.



So we go upstairs and stand in a long line and get new tickets–section 121. Much better. 🙂

We got seated after Franz Ferdinand had played a song or two. I’ve not heard of them before, but they were a lot of fun and I’ll probably be getting a few of their MP3s soon.

After FF played, we wandered the concourse a bit, I got a tote bag (of far more use to me than a t-shirt, no matter how cool the shirts actually were) and we kinda had a “OMG WE’RE AT THE GREEN DAY CONCERT!!!” moment.


Moving on.

We got back to our seats and entertained ourselves by watching people text message the jumbotron.

There were three proposals of marriage. Let me tell you, after the first one, it kinda loses the awesome factor.

At some point, a mention of a pink bunny goes up on the screen. Looked on stage and sure enough, there’s some dude dressed up in a pink bunny costume and a Green Day t-shirt, clowning around.

Finally, the lights went down and the show started. Billie Joe got the crowd going within five minutes. Additionally, I think I’ve now come across someone who says the f-word more than I do. It was hilarious.

We were on our feet the entire time the concert went on and it was a long concert! Two and a half hours of fun, singing and dancing. I’m writing this two days later and my voice is still hoarse and I’m still sore.

So freaking worth it, however!

They started out with music from their new album. I must say, I didn’t really like the new album that much when I first heard it, but after seeing them perform it live, I love it.

After a bit, they started singing some of their old stuff and it was like a gigantic Green Day singalong. Fantastic!

Instead of taking a break and leaving the stage, they started singing Shout! and laid down on stage. At that point, they sang music from other bands for about 5-10 minutes and then got back up. We got some Doors, Beatles, and just a fun mixture of good music in there.

When they got back up, they kept of the mixture of old and new music. They pulled two fans up on the stage to sing Longview. The fans were terrible singers, but it was fun to watch them run around on the stage and you could just see them saying in their head, “I’m on stage with Green Day and that’s Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool and AAAAGGGH!!!!!!!!!!!! the awesome will make my head explode!”

There were two encores, but I liked the second best when it was just Billie Joe, an acoustic guitar and Good Riddance.

Check out Back to Rockville for my favorite review of the evening and some fun pictures of the show.

PS: Billie Joe is so totally on The List now.

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