Apartment Issues

As you may know, I’ve been trying to find a new apartment. I thought I had found one, but I was denied at the last minute. It turns out that even if your salary qualifies for low income housing, your overtime has to meet the guidelines, too.

So…yesterday, instead of unpacking, I went apartment hunting.

I now have two choices–Oak Park Village and Rosehill Pointe.

Oak Park Village is in a slightly sketchier area of JoCo and doesn’t have very good reviews on an apartment review site when you look at the overall reviews. When you look at the reviews for the past year, it’s improved drastically, however. The floor plan is nice, there are washer/dryers in every building and the clubhouse is nice. Plus, it has U-verse cable, which I lust after. Four-channel DVR! Perhaps because of their less than stellar reputation, I can get a 775 sq foot apartment for $495 (including pet rent).

Rosehill Pointe has better reviews and is in a better location as far as my work and day to day life are concerned. It’s right by the police station, so crime is not an issue. It’s also within 10 minutes of practically everywhere I go. Sadly, it’s also looking to be about $560/month (also including pet rent) for a slightly smaller apartment and having to hoof it to another building to do laundry. U-verse also appears to be withholding their 4-channel DVR awesomeness from Rosehill Pointe.

So now, I am faced with a decision. Am I cheap and potentially live in sketchville? Or do I pay an extra $65/month (which could easily be my cable or electrical bill or half my car insurance bill) and be in a more convenient location?

3 thoughts on “Apartment Issues

  1. While U-verse is *awesome*, I agree that as a lady living on her own, your safety should take priority. Does the different apartment complexes have a separate, locked entry for each building (so you don’t have to worry about creeps in the laundry room), and a well-lit parking lot? Can you get a second- or third- floor apartment?

    Good luck!!


    1. Neither complex offers a separate locked building entrance. I think Rosehill Pointe has open staircases on the outside of the building and Oak Park Village has enclosed staircases, but no exterior locks.


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