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Jane Austen

I am a big Jane Austen fan. I have all of the books she wrote and a few books containing unfinished manuscripts and juvenalia. If I see a book that is a sequel, prequel or reimagining of a Jane Austen novel, you can be assured that there is a good chance I will pick it up (unless there are zombies, sea monsters or vampires involved).

I follow several blogs about Jane Austen related books, movies, events, etc.

My favorite Jane Austen blog, and the one that I think you should be reading, is Bitch In a Bonnet.

The author, Robert, just finished up a wonderfully snarky review of Sense and Sensibility. He has been going through the book and posting a review every 5 chapters.

If you have ever read Sense and Sensibility, the reviews will crack you up because they are spot on. If you haven’t read it because you are worried that the book is too dry or you are just too darn manly to read chick books, his posts may change your mind.

Let me get you started. First, go read his introductory post. Next, go read his review of chapters 1-5.

If you have not laughed or thought positively of Jane Austen by the end of your reading, I wash my hands of you and suggest you go read some Dan Brown or watch NASCAR.


2 thoughts on “Jane Austen

  1. Great link. I’ve always been a big Jane Austen fan, too, and I love the satire (coincidentally, I read Sense and Sensibility in a Women’s Lit class). I find it amusing that people think she was a romantic.


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