I’m a member of Houlihan’s HQ and got an email about their upcoming cupcake offerings. They let us know about cupcakes and you KNOW my ears perked up for that.

On the left is a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting and what looks like crushed butterfinger on top. Tasty, but the frosting was goopy and slid off the cupcake in spots.

In the middle is vanilla with vanilla frosting and white chocolate shavings. Oddly enough, it also had half a starlight mint on top. This frosting was too thick and didn’t pull away when I pulled part of the cake away. The cake itself was nothing special, either. Gotta give it some love for the white chocolate shavings.

On the right is a chocolate cake with Kahlua frosting. The cake was too crumbly, the frosting was too thick, but it was tasty.

Overall, the peanut butter won for taste and ease of eating. If I was out with a group of friend and they wanted to split cupcakes, I would not turn them down. Too much for just me, however. I will spare you a picture of the carnage I left behind.
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