I have 29 postcards that have been sitting about with no purpose. I’ll go somewhere, grab a postcard or two because they’re cheap and I will have every intention of sending them to…someone.

Thing is, I never quite seem to send them off. Or I’ll write the postcard out and then possibly even stamp it and it just doesn’t quite hit the mailbox.

I went through my postcards tonight and you know what? I found two that I had written and not sent and got to thinking that:

1. I’d be sad to know there is an addressed, written postcard for me out there that someone hasn’t sent because they are lazy.

2. It’s rather sad that I’ve only addressed two postcards in the past three years.

I like getting postcards! I have a friend who sent me two postcards when he toured Europe earlier this year and they were great. I even like getting the promotional postcards that are telling me that I can get a discount on a bra if I go in or a new book is coming out.

Postcards are just a fun, cheap, colorful way to say hi.

As it turns out, I have 29 little paper rectangles in front of me, just wanting to say hi to someone. Would you like a postcard? If so, please leave me a comment on this entry and I will send you an email to get your mailing address. I’m also putting this out there on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll try to keep you updated as postcards get written and go out.

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