Dear NBC:

You may not remember me, but I am a viewer aged between 25-49. I’m told that advertisers like to have me watching television shows. I like to tell other people about TV shows I watch and convince them to watch with me. I am a fan of television.

I am no longer a fan of you.

I remember that I used to watch all NBC, all the time. If I liked a show, there was a 90% chance it was on NBC. You were my favorite network. I made fun of people who watched shows on other networks.

We’ve been drifting apart. I’m not sure what caused the split, but I suspect reality TV had a hand in it. I remember when all the networks were going nuts on the idea that they could make highly rated shows for so danged cheap. I sympathize–I too enjoy getting the most bang for my buck. But the other networks picked concepts that did not completely suck and they kept up or improved the quality of their scripted shows.

You, NBC, picked shitty reality TV concepts and continue to pick shitty reality TV concepts. The Sing Off? Seriously?

I’ve gone from centering my TV schedule around looking for the peacock in the corner of my screen to only watching one show on your network.


And you almost cancelled it.

I’m talking about Chuck. Now that it’s in the third season and doing well, I feel good talking about it, but it was touch and go for a while there.

Now, I am not a huge fan of late night television. If I happen to be channel surfing at the right time, I’ll stop on a show. If I know that an individual I like (actor, author, whatever) will be on a show, I’ll watch/record it.

I’m not going to deconstruct the handling of the transition from Leno back to Conan. That’s been done to death. I’m not even going to keep my rant going because frankly, you are no longer worth it.

I’m breaking up with you, NBC. Now, I’ve made friends with Chuck and I plan to keep him, but the rest of it? Eh. You’ve shown in your programming choices that you don’t care about me or my generation.

Fuck you, NBC.

With all due apathy and dislike,