Southwest vs. Kevin Smith

I went to Phoenix last February to visit my grandma. It was a fun trip (hi, Grandma!) and I had a great time. She was nice enough to buy me tickets on Southwest to get out there and back. I have to admit, I was scared I’d be told I had to buy another ticket when I got to the counter or on the plane because you know what? I’m fat and Southwest doesn’t like fat.

I was so worried that what happened to Kevin Smith would happen to me.

I was going to get on here and rant about it for a bit, but Kate Harding from Salon.com has written the response that I wanted to say.

I’m going to go see Kevin Smith when he comes to town next month. I’m betting he won’t be flying Southwest to Kansas City.

2 thoughts on “Southwest vs. Kevin Smith

  1. I didn’t know you were in KC, too! That’s awesome! I also didn’t know K. Smith was going to be here next month. You’ll have to let us know how it is.

    I completely hear you about being afraid of what happened to him happening to you. I’ve often had that fear, too.


    1. Oh yeah…gotta love Overland Park. 🙂

      Trust me, I’m sure I’ll be quoting Kevin Smith and talking about the show for DAYS afterwards. I’ve watched his “Evening With…” DVDs and he’s even funnier doing Q&As than he is in movies.


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