Helping the World

I know that most guys don’t like being told to change things about their appearance, how they act, their grooming habits, etc.

However, I also know that there are a lot of great single men out there who have no idea why they are still single.

I think the problem is that these men just don’t know how to market themselves properly. You can sell damn near anything if you package it the right way and position it to the right buyer. I think some of these men just need help with their packaging and their positioning.

At least, that’s what my friend Liz and I decided the other night over dinner. We were discussing a few mutual male friends and noticed that they both just weren’t aware of a few things that are blindingly obvious to the female eye.

One guy is proud of the fact that he can still wear clothes that he wore in high school. Dude just turned 30.

Another guy took a girl out to dinner and a movie and was thrown off when she thought of it as a date and he thought of it as two friends just getting together and hanging out.

Both men have potential, they just aren’t aware of it or how women are looking at them.

Liz and I want to change that.

We’re also aware of the fact that women probably aren’t showing their best sides to men, either. We plan to change that, as well.

I’ll be creating another blog soon where we will start posting our suggestions to the world. Does anybody have a name suggestion, tagline suggestion or even just a general suggestion of what we can add to the blog?

The categories we have come up with so far are:


Help us help the world! Give us your suggestions and feedback and I will be sure to post a link when the blog goes live.

5 thoughts on “Helping the World

  1. I think a post on asking someone out (male or female) so that the other person knows they have been asked out would be nice. I can’t tell you how many times I have wondered if I was going on a date or doing the buddy thing (and friends helping interpret has not been very helpful). In fact, right now I am pondering that very question….again.


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