Double Feature

I own two movies about losers who work in a music store and have emotional crises and have kickass soundtracks.

Tonight, I watched them both.

Started out with Empire Records (Remix! Special Fan Edition) in all its quotable awesomeness.

Moved on to High Fidelity because it just seemed like the logical follow-up.

I highly recommend both movies and watching them together. You will want to fill your MP3 player by the time you are done.

3 thoughts on “Double Feature

  1. Oh man, Empire Records is one of my favorite movies ever. There was once a time in which I could almost quote the entire thing and the soundtrack IS awesome!

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen High Fidelity! I’m heading to Netflix now!


  2. I don’t think I can quote all of Empire Records but I can quote a lot of it. Fantastic movie. 🙂

    High Fidelity is a must if you love Empire Records and/or John Cusack. It also has a good soundtrack, but in more of a music snob sort of a way.


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