Ever wonder why you are single?

I sat down with my friend Liz the other day and we discussed the state of the world. 


OK, not really.  Sounds a lot better than “we gossiped about our friends.”


Which we totally did.


You see, we have a few chronically single male friends and see the mistakes they make and wanted to have a way to tell them about it.  We were initially going to just send an anonymous email or three, and then decided we would better the world by telling all the guys out there the little things that they might be overlooking.


We’re not saying that what we’re about to tell you will fix everything.  We’re just saying it couldn’t hurt.


And gentlemen?  Don’t worry.  While we’re starting out picking on you, ladies will be getting their turn.


To our guy friends who inspired this idea:  Thank you.  Now listen up!

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