June 1

Three things that made my happy today (inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl):

1. Glee. Because PEOPLE! Glee is fantastic. If you’re not watching it, you probably don’t like kittens and think that chocolate is only OK.

2. Reconnecting with an old friend. Who I’m expecting to call me tomorrow. *ahem*

3. Authors. I went to a signing at the library tonight for Aprilynne Pike and Kim Harrison. I’ve not read any of Pike’s books, though I plan to rectify that situation. She’s quite funny, and apparently the cause of political unrest. Wherever she moves, political problems follow her. Kim Harrison writes the Hollows books about Rachel Morgan and I’ve read all of them. I brought in a copy of the first book and she signed it for me. Even got her to put down happy 29th birthday for me. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “June 1

  1. That sounds like a great day, Christy!! I haven’t seen any of this season of Glee, but plan on rectifying that as soon as it comes out on DVD. I also haven’t read either Aprilynne Pike or Kim Harrison before. Kim’s been on my list to get around to for a while now, but I’d never heard of Aprilynne! Thanks for the tips!


    1. Glee is just such an awesome show. πŸ™‚

      Kim Harrison is fun to read. I definitely recommend her. Aprilynne Pike was funny enough in person that I want to see if it translates to her books.

      Too bad you have to work Friday night. I’m hoping it’ll be a fun night, though hopefully a bit less crazy than my last birthday party. At that party, there was extreme drunkenness, a brawl, rednecks, karaoke and some truly unfortunately lap dances.


      1. I really hope to skip the brawl this time, too. And if there’s a lap dance this year, it had better be given by someone far more attractive than last year!


  2. PS – HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY! Wish I could make it to your party, but I have to work! I hope it is really a beautiful, happy day for you!


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