June 3

1. Jensen Ackles.

I went with a G-rated picture.  Dammit.

I’ll have you know that it was a struggle to choose a picture of him with his shirt on.

2. My new phone. Please note I didn’t say I wouldn’t repeat things. My phone kicks ass and makes your phone cry because of how much it sucks in comparison.

3. Haywards. I went to lunch at the location on College with my grandma, dad and aunt today. We sat at a table I didn’t even know existed there. We had a great view, a nice waitress and sweet potato fries were made available to me. I got the sliders and I must say, the slider buns are much tastier than the normal buns they offer. While the BBQ at Haywards is perhaps not as tasty as OK Joes or as nostalgic for me as Wyandot, it always satisfies.

2 thoughts on “June 3

  1. 1. hot, hot, hot!!
    2. I’m so jealous! Wish Sprint had that phone. Glad you like it! I need to upgrade at some point in the near future, but haven’t made up my mind yet. They have a new one coming out tomorrow it sounds like.
    3. I’ve only been to Haywards once, and have never been to OK Joes or Wyandot. Sad, eh?


    1. 1. The abs on that man are fantastic. Plus, you know, he’s got that cute and funny thing going on. Pardon me, was I drooling?

      2. Neener neener neener! I have heard good things about the EVO 4G, I’ve got some geek friends who are planning to get to the stores early to get theirs.

      3. Do you not like BBQ? May be just as well, the fries at both OK Joes and Wyandot inspire bingeing.


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