June 9

1. So You Think You Can Dance! I love watching good dancers, so naturally I love this show. They’re changing up the format this year and so far I am liking it. The only thing that has truly bugged me so far is that none of the judges appear to be able to pronounce Wapakoneta and took great pleasure in mispronouncing it and calling it wapa-what? I’m not from there, I’ve never even heard of the place until this season, but DANG. Maybe it’s growing up in a area with street names like Pflumm, Antioch and Quivira and city names like Lenexa and Olathe that’s gotten me so used to funky names, but Wapakoneta seems pretty straightforward.

2. Wyandot BBQ. Grew up near this place and it’s really the first BBQ experience I can remember. As I’ve gotten older and tried more BBQ restaurants around KC, I’ve found others with better sauce and better meat, but Wyandot will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s where all the grease from their delicious fries reside.

3. Something I am a huge fan of (and typically take for granted) is running water. We had a water main break at work this morning. It was quite exciting, as we were told that people would have to move their cars in case the parking lot couldn’t handle the water and there was a sinkhole. How cool would that have been?

So……I find sinkholes interesting.

Moving along.

We were also told that they’d be shutting off the water for a while to fix the problem, so we couldn’t wash our hands, drink water or use the toilets.

Instead, we were invited to go downstairs and use the portapotties that they had arranged for us.


My lunch time came at an opportune moment and we hightailed it across the street to Houlihan’s with their lovely running water and tasty food (get the farmhouse club!). By the time we came back, they’d turned the water back on. Hurrah!

One thought on “June 9

  1. Exciting! Sort of…. Glad the water’s back, and yeah, having lived in a place with names like “Bexar” (pronounced’Bear’) and “Boerne” (‘Bernie’), I totally agree with you!


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