June 13

1. Towels. I knew where my towel was yesterday and a darn good thing it was, too. Ford Prefect would be proud of me. My apartment complex is older and I think my windows are original to the building. As a result, when the rain would not stop yesterday, it eventually found its way into my apartment via the windows. Thankfully, it was a small amount of water and easily held off by towels.

2. Operation100 on Twitter last night kept me entertained and informed. He keeps JoCo up to date on the police scanner info.

3. Boom. Played the game of boom with my nieces yesterday afternoon. Though you may think you’ve never heard of it, I bet you have.

To play:

Stand in front of bed, couch or other soft surface.
Lift small child as high as you feel is appropriate for their age/weight/size/obnoxiousness.
Throw (ahem, gently toss with force) onto soft surface.
Shout “Boom!”
Repeat until your arms get tired, child gets case of the giggles or the inevitable head bonk.