June 16

(Don’t you love the double whammy of posts within 5 minutes of each other? Catching up!)

1. Advil. Oh, my aching thighs. They’re not even aching for a fun reason–I did 30 squats and 30 lunges at the gym yesterday morning and I feel it today. I’ve been taking Advil off and on all day in an attempt to deaden the pain. And hey! I’m going back to the gym in the morning. The running theory is that I’m crazy.

2. The Android app for Mint. I just discovered that I can create a folder on my phone that will show me my recent transactions. I was trying to come up with a better adjective than “freaking awesome”, but it’s 11:30 at night and I’m sleepy. Freaking awesome, dudes! (I went for it, how did it go?)

3. Craig Ferguson. I just love his show. It amuses me when he grabs the camera and talks into it, waves to Jimmy Kimmel with the glove, initiates awkward silences with his guests and plays well off his sidekick, Robot Geoff. If you are not watching Craig Ferguson, you are missing out. Dude is hilarious.

4. (Bet you didn’t know this was coming! A surprise fourth entry…I get wordy when I’m tired!) Dude. Sup yo? See you Sunday, chickenhead.

5. (Really.) Inside language. I suspect one, maybe two people who read this will actually know who I was addressing in #4. If so, I suggest that you speak out in the comments below and say hi or tell me something super fabulous. If you have no idea who I’m talking to in #4, you are still welcome to say hi or tell me something fabulous.

2 thoughts on “June 16

  1. Dude. Sup? You totally threw me off with the fourth and fifth comments. You’re so wild! Unfortunately I know of nothing fabulous to discuss…


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