June 20

1. Flying Saucer. Went with Justin after Rocky Horror last night (and therefore technically happened today) and had some tasty beers. I had Free State Ad Astra, Strongbow and Fat Tire. With over 200 beers on tap, I think I’ll be returning.

2. Green Day Rock Band. Had fun playing this afternoon with Jess and Aaron. We consistently did well and only failed one song and that was more due to my niece than our playing.

We took Dad out to lunch beforehand and when I was taking him home, he asked what I was doing today.

Me: Playing Green Day Rock Band with Jess and Aaron.
Dad: What is Green Day?
Me: <Turns on radio and switches to CD, which has International Superhits! inserted>
Me: So, uh…no Green Day for you, then.

3. Father’s Day. To celebrate, I suggest watching this video about men. In tights.