June 24

1. Cupcakes from Takes the Cake Bakery. Renee offered up sample boxes on FaceBook yesterday and so I ordered one. I received a dozen cupcakes; three each of lemon, red velvet, yellow with chocolate frosting and grasshopper. Being a diligent sampler (and a bit of a cupcake lover), I tried all four flavors. They were all wonderful! I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to order cupcakes from Renee. I may even share next time.

2. Gym. I am 98% certain that I will be signing up for a shiny new gym membership this weekend. Yay! I even saw they offer a Zumba class, which is something I’ve been wanting to check out.

3. Apartment hunting. I’ve started casually looking for new apartments. I still like my complex, but my apartment is starting to drive me nuts. The floors slope like crazy and I don’t think there’s a single room where something isn’t tilted funny.

There are two problems with the moving idea. The first is that I am saving money for a trip and moving and saving money are mutually exclusive. The second is that I am concerned that my friends and family will laugh until they hurt and then turn me down if I ask for help moving for the third year in a row. I suspect I need to work on my bribing and bartering techniques.

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