June 26

1. Air Conditioning. If the air conditioning in my apartment were ever to go out, I would be a whimpering, sweating bitch.

(I lied. I would be camping out on your couch, waiting for the repairman to show up at my place.)

2. Bowling. Last night was bowling with my Twitter friends. We had a good time, though the crowd was a little smaller than usual this time. It was kind of nice not to be bouncing around between five lanes so I can say hi to everyone.

3. IHOP. We had fun at bowling, but the best time to be had was the after-bowling IHOP trip. We got there just in time for the after-bar crowd and it was glorious. A wide variety of people dressed up in ill-fitting or unattractive clothing, drunk, douche-y and dumb. If you enjoy people-watching (and eavesdropping), there is no better way to spend the 2:00 AM hour.



(Seriously, I can’t make this shit up. I’ve tried.)