Recent News

To catch up on the latest happenings:

1. Despite appearances, California has decided that Lindsay Lohan is
not a skeezy crackwhore. Umm…right.

2. I woke up to the news that Paris Hilton was arrested for coke
possession. I don’t know if there’s a thing in the world that can be
done to take the sheer mean girl glee away from me at this moment.
Paris Hilton made women my age look like twits and I don’t appreciate

3. Glen Beck is such a douche that even the republicans I know are
bad-mouthing him. What do we need to do for him to disappear forever?
Perhaps he should go sleep with the fishes? (And no, I really don’t
advocate killing him and dumping the body. I’d just like to get that
level of quiet out of him.)

4. Dudes. They are not building a mosque. Even if they were, why on
earth should it matter to you? It is a religious center in a country
with freedom of religion. It’s not like Al Qaeda is going to be
sitting inside the building, twirling their mustaches and chortling.