Cable TV

I’m thinking about giving up cable TV for the new year and watching video online and through my Wii. I still enjoy TV and don’t want to stop watching it altogether, but I time-shift watching TV so much that it’s becoming less and less practical for me to keep cable TV.

There is only one show I definitely watch the night it comes out (Glee!) and I can probably get an antenna for that or start forcing friends to have Glee parties.

This is something I’ve thought of doing off and on over the past few years, but it just seemed like a pain in the ass and not worth the time. Nowadays, considering how much I time-shift watching TV (besides Glee!) it doesn’t seem worth it to have always-on TV.

The big question is, how do I kick the cable box to the curb? Should I get an X-Box, Boxee Box or Roku box? Should I build myself a media center? Should I just wait until seasons are over or on Netflix so I buy them or stream them? Decisions…

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