List 1: A few things about yourself

I have decided to participate in 30 days of lists.

It’s pretty straightforward. There will be a new list every day. It may or may not be the list idea that they prompt. I can guarantee you at least three items per list. I can’t guarantee they will be funny.

List 1: A few things about yourself

1. All that weight I lost on Weight Watchers? It’s back. I will be re-joining Weight Watchers in a few weeks and you will be doomed to annoying as crap whiny posts about how I’m only down a pound. Yay!

2. I scoff at Facebook games, but I play one. I signed up for Vampire Wars to encourage my friend Terri to sign up because she’s nuts for vampires. She stopped leveling up ages ago, but I’m now at level 417.

3. I wear the color yellow so rarely that it weirds me out to think of wearing yellow. As a result, my goal for the summer to is buy one yellow shirt or tank top or purse and wear the crap out of it.