Seattle Day 1

1. We got up at 4:30 AM Kansas City time and flew to St. Louis and changed planes for Seattle.

2. The Seattle-Tacoma airport is fucking huge compared to the KC airport.

3.  Trader Joe’s is just as awesome as I remember.

4. My seatbelt was too small on the plane between KC and St. Louis. Talk about misery. I was so worried that the fat police (Southwest) would notice and bounce me off the plane.

5.  Carpool lanes are magnificent.

6.  Seattle has fire hydrants at regular intervals on the highway.

7. Trader Joes frozen macarons aren’t bad at all.

4 thoughts on “Seattle Day 1

  1. Big *hugs* on the seatbelt. I actually think the fire hydrant thing on the highway is a great idea – for car wrecks and such. And I really really hope you have an amazing time. Can’t wait to hear more!


  2. I think SWA will give you a seat belt extender…I haven’t flown for years without one. Their issue seems to be “fitting in the width of the seat.” Although, I don’t think I’ve flown them since that shit started, and quite frankly, given my girth, I don’t want to right now.

    I believe the TJ’s here opens later this month or next month…w00t!

    Enjoy the trip! Sounds like you are so far! 🙂


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