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List 4: Today’s Playlist

Truly, my playlist is a zany and mental sort of thing. I’ll see if there’s some way I can export it from Winamp into an html file so my musical choices can be properly mocked/appreciated. Instead of listing my playlist for today, I’m instead going to give you my earworm songs.

1. Tom’s Diner – Suzanne Vega

(Please note that Marisa Tomei runs around in a bra and panties for part of this clip from the opening of Untamed Heart)

2. Yellow Submarine – The Beatles

3. Jolly Holiday – Mary Poppins

There’s an excellent chance that I am walking around with one of these three songs stuck in my head. If I get something else stuck in my head, I’ve taken to singing one of these songs to myself to clear out the other song.

I may be mental.


We all live on a yellow submarine
yellow submarine
yellow submarine