List 7: Blog Goals

1. I’d like to have more than half a dozen people visit my site.

2. To go back to hosting myself and being able to install all the trackers, plugins and themes that I’d like.

3. To be quoted on something particularly funny I say and have it go viral. I’ll, uh, have to try to remember to write something funny. I’ll also have to hope that I meant whatever it is to be funny and to not have it be dumbassery.

4. To change my theme to something a bit more me and less generic.

2 thoughts on “List 7: Blog Goals

  1. You’ll get there. Just be yourself, smile and just have fun. Though your trackers may not catch people who subscribe and lurk in your life through subscription emails, we’re out here… In the dark… Reading… Eating Cheetos… LOL


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