List 10: Wishlist

1. A well-padded savings account.

2. An IKEA in KC.

3. Having a job and apartment lined up so I can move to Seattle.

4. An ebook reader.

5. A new laptop. I’d like one that weighs less than my current laptop, has more memory and has an HDMI or S-Video port so I can put the picture on my TV.

2 thoughts on “List 10: Wishlist

  1. Just think what you are saying… IKEA in KC? Hello? Uh, no. Not going to happen. Over my dead body. No Scandanavian furniture for you!

    And skip the laptop, get the Nokia N8 phone, it not only has the HDMI output, it will accomodate a 64 Gig memory chip and has a 12MP camera that does HD video and photos. And you can do flash on it, read a book on it, etc… Computers are so last year. LOL


    1. I want pretty modern furniture and cheap prices and cheap kitchen supplies!

      I’ll check out the N8, but I want an actual laptop with the typing and the TV watching and not several pounds.


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