List 11: Date Night Ideas

Below is a list of three good date ideas and one bad date idea. I’ve been on all four dates.

1. Take me to Flying Saucer and we will have many tasty beers and enjoy good conversation.

2. Snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie or a few episodes of TV. Bonus points for pizza and a tasty wine or beer.

3. Make it a brunch date and take me somewhere with tasty breakfast foods. Best followed up by walking around, window shopping and delicious coffee-type beverages.

4. Take me to the best steakhouse in Kansas City and regale me with stories about your past with hookers, blow, how you shouldn’t be drinking on your current medication (best said with a glass of wine in hand) and then end the night by offering me $1000 to go party with you.

6 thoughts on “List 11: Date Night Ideas

  1. There was far more to the date than that, but I was trying to keep it short. I’ve only met one other person who has beaten my worst date story.


    1. I think I didn’t at the time because I didn’t want him to find it and ever try to contact me again, even if it was just to ask that I take down the post.

      Now? Hell, you’ll probably have a funnier picture in your head imagining it than reading the Alice’s Restaurant Massacree version.


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