List 16: Places to See in Your Town

I see that everyone is giving out landmarks and historical buildings and museums and that shit is all well and good, but when I have the rare opportunity to have someone from out of town visit me, I like to take them somewhere that feels like KC for me. My Kansas City:

1. Winsteads on the Plaza. Sure, you’ll be seeing the Plaza while you’re at it. BUT! Most importantly, you will be introducing your friend to thin steakburgers, the 50/50, the best cherry limeade in the city and a skyscraper shake if they are a very, very good friend and have been behaving.

2. If it’s nice out, either Shawnee Mission Park or Antioch Park. Get some green into your life, walk around, steal the swings from small children and enjoy the water.

3. Cruise down Metcalf.

4. If the time is right, hit up First Friday in the Crossroads. You get to look at neat stores, mock hipsters, enjoy live music and, if you’re feeling really ambitious, look at art.

5. Go eat barbeque. I don’t care where you go to get it, everyone has a favorite place. I’d be most likely to take an out of towner to Oklahoma Joe’s, but I know there are other people who would say Gates, LC’s or one of the myriad other BBQ joints in town. Face it, bad BBQ doesn’t stick around long here in KC. If you pick a place that’s been open longer than 5 years, you’re safe.

2 thoughts on “List 16: Places to See in Your Town

  1. Been to the Winsteads in Liberty, good shakes as I recall. Do not forget to go see the fountains! Southwest Boulevard and mexican food! Shopping is Zona Rosa, the market area down near Westport and The Great Mall of the Plains, which has lost a lot of luster, but is still a good place to go waste the day wandering around. And definitely LC’s BBQ, a must. Used to hit up Ricky’s Pit over off of 635 and K-5 I think. Used to have $9 slabs on Wednesday and those hot oil pickles. So hot! And Bartle Hall, depending on what is in town. Oh! And the Sprint Center! And the racetrack and all the shopping out there too! Just stay away from Troost and the Paseo…


  2. Fountains would happen as a byproduct of heading up to the Plaza. I live in JoCo, which has tons of Winsteads, but the Plaza is where I would take out of towners.

    Didn’t know there was enough left in the Great Mall to make window shopping worthwhile.


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