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List 17: Words That are Hard to Spell

I am a walking dictionary. If someone is going to ask, “how do you spell…?” they invariably turn to me. Or a dictionary. Whichever’s closest.

That said, I do occasionally have a problem with spelling. Typically, if you see something spell wrong from me, it was a typo.

HOWEVER, I am willing to share with you the one word I consistently have problems with.

This is my death word. I have to stop and think about it ever fucking time I write it. I’m going to spell check it before I put it in here.


One thought on “List 17: Words That are Hard to Spell

  1. Persevere. I always want to spell it “perservere.” I’ve been at the top of my spelling class since first grade, and I still have to think about that one….


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