Chips and Booze

I’ve been trying to find ways to save some money. I’ve turned off cable TV, I try to carpool when possible and I’ve seriously cut back on the morning mocha addiction.


I think I have found two new things to try.

I am not buying bagged potato chips for the rest of the year. I am allowing myself a little wiggle room in case I’m in a restaurant who makes potato chips on site. Who can resist FRESH chips?

I am not going to buy any more alcohol for my apartment. What I have is what I’ve got for the rest of the year. Any booze I buy for the rest of the year is being purchased for consumption outside of the apartment.

I’m telling you this in hopes that it’ll keep me honest.

I can almost guarantee that on New Year’s Day, I’ll be stopping at the store for a bag of chips, dip and a 6-pack.

I’m classy like that.

2 thoughts on “Chips and Booze

  1. It would probably help if you didn’t have a coworker forcing you to bring them a mocha whenever the Big Orange Truck is around…sorry.


    1. Eh, it’s not like I wouldn’t be stopping for a mocha anyways. Although, I’m thinking about finding a used espresso machine on craigslist and buying his beans. Probably cheaper that way.


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