Geeky Dilemma

Aaron calls my evening a nerd’s Sophie’s choice and he’s not far off.

I’m going to a book signing by Jim Butcher tonight with my friend Pam. He is the writer of the Dresden Files books, which are insanely addictive.

Yesterday, I got an email saying I’d won tickets to see Cowboys and Aliens, which I have wanted to see ever since I heard it existed.

Cowboys! Aliens! What’s not to love?

And so came the choice…which to do?

Decided on Jim Butcher because he does signings far less often than Cowboys and Aliens will be shown in theaters.

Sent Aaron the email about the show in the hopes that he’ll be able to get in. If so, he’s buying me a ticket to an evening show next week.

This isn’t even the nerdiest decision I’ve had to make this year.

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