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David Tennant

It may have come to your attention that I am a fan of David Tennant. he was a wonderful Doctor and has even replaced Tom Baker as many people’s favorite ever Doctor.

In fact, some people wish that Matt Smith would go away and we’d get David Tennant back.

Truly, I enjoy Matt Smith and find his Doctor to be quite entertaining.

That said, I wouldn’t object if we got David Tennant back as the Doctor someday…but playing a different Doctor. If he comes back, I want his new Doctor to have a different personality altogether.

New attitudes, new clothing, new catchphrases…because that’s what the Doctor is, to me. He’s always a new old man who is compelled to travel around time and space and fix things.

4 thoughts on “David Tennant

  1. I’m enjoying it, but it feels less connected than last season. I want more of the Silence/Flesh/dead Doctor business. And the preview for Cybermen? I am so fucking tired of Cybermen.

    Actually, I’m just freaking tired of all robot enemies on the show, with the exception of the clockwork robots from “The Girl in the Fireplace”.


    1. It just gets more and more about Amy, even the beginning is now about Amy. Amy, Amy, Amy. I thought this was a show about the Doctor. Pffft! The Silence, very cool. I think they are scarier than the Daleks even. Maybe just less than the Angels. Funny you should mention the Girl in the Fireplace. We were talking the other day and noticed a similarity about the Doctor, he seems to visit a lot of young girls and pops in and out of their lives. Time Lord pedophile? LOLOL


      1. Yeah, I’m getting tired of Amy. I could handle more Rory though–love him.

        The Silence are definitely as creepy as the Weeping Angels. Can’t decide what’s worse–being sent back in time forever or always forgetting things and not even knowing it.

        At least the Doctor gravitates to strong-willed women. If not, the show would probably be far less interesting.

        “Oh, Doctor!” *swoon*


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