The Garden Song

This is for my sister. I would have uploaded the version we both grew up with, but I have to pay extra to wordpress for music files and that seems silly for what may be a one-time wish.


My parents were a few years too late to be hippies and a few years too early to be yuppies, so my sister and I grew up in this odd in-between culture.

We had a rather odd exposure to music and one of the many genres we were introduced to at young ages was folk music. Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Peter, Paul & Mary kept us entertained and kept us singing.

One of the first concerts I remember was Peter, Paul and Mary. A few years go, Mom took me to see Arlo Guthrie when he was at the Carlsen Center. I love the fact that folk music has remained in my life, even though it’s not a primary genre for me anymore.

To my point: this used to be my sister’s favorite song. Enjoy, kiddo.

If you are interested in hearing the version I grew up with, pick up a copy of Precious Friend from Amazon (or iTunes or your local independent music store, if such a beast still exists where you live).

2 thoughts on “The Garden Song

  1. LOVE this song, LOVE Peter, Paul and Mary – funny, I grew up on them, too. My folks were too old to be hippies, but they enjoyed quite a bit of early 60’s music. 🙂


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