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I’m sure it surprises nobody to know that I may have been a wee bit excited for the Google Fiber announcement. It’s nice to have Kansas City chosen for something, especially when that something involves super fast internet. I do love my internet, after all.

In fact, I’m thinking of moving to KCK or KCMO when my lease is up later this year. I have been thinking that perhaps it’s time for a house. I like the idea of not sharing my walls with people and knowing that if I decide to blare music at 2 AM and dance around, nobody will care.

Not that I do that, of course. Far too dignified. Yeah.


I’ve seen a lot of people talking about the technological ramifications of having crazy fast internet available and I agree that we will see wonderful changes. This really is like what happened when we changed from dial-up to cable/DSL. We went from text-based everything with a few well-placed pictures to streaming HD movies, uploading hundreds of pictures in a short amount of time, video chat and so much more. Some of the ideas that have been proposed for what we can do with the faster internet make me giddy with anticipation.

I haven’t seen a lot about the economic and social ramifications of having crazy fast internet available.

Will the suburbs start to empty as people move into the city core to gain access to Google Fiber? There are some amazing houses in what are currently bad areas of town. There are gorgeous Arts & Crafts bungalows for less than $20K which just need to be renovated. Will people be taking advantage of these deals? Will people living in these neighborhoods resent the new residents or embrace the changes they bring? What will this do to the unofficial segregation that currently exists in Kansas City?

How many businesses will start in and relocate to KCK and KCMO? How many jobs will this end up bringing to the area? Will this have an effect on traffic or will telecommuting become more common? If it does have an effect on traffic, will our public transportation options finally improve?

What effect will this have on our schools? The KCK and KCMO school districts are struggling and I am extremely curious as to how faster internet will be used in schools. I can easily see video teaching becoming an option, but will there be money for the computers? Will students start doing their homework on laptops and tablets?

As you can tell, I’m full of questions and they won’t be answered for a while. In the meantime, I’ll be impatiently waiting, packing and having midnight dance parties.

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