Happy Thanksgiving!

Or, as I told a friend earlier today, “Happy Yam Sham Day!”

yam sham gif

If you’ve not seen this episode of Buffy, go look up Pangs, which is from Season Four. If you don’t watch Buffy, I’m sad for you. At least watch this clip:

You made a bear!

Now, I know that some people prefer to think of Thanksgiving as Slapsgiving, and I’m cool with that and wish you a happy Slapsgiving.


But perhaps you prefer Friends?

Friends first Thanksgiving

I still think they should release DVDs of just the Thanksgiving episodes.

friends thanksgivings

Some people may notice that I have thus far left out my favorite Thanksgiving tradition–listening to Alice’s Restaurant while driving to wherever I plan on eating turkey that year.

So just remember…you can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant! (excepting Alice)

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