Planet Comicon

I went to Planet Comicon this weekend. Met up with Pam and a few others and we did some quality wandering and gawking.

I didn’t take many pictures while I was there because I was busy keeping my shit together. Turns out that I handled the crowds pretty poorly compared to the last con I visited.

Note to self: secure Xanax before the next con.

I got some pretty nifty swag–a poster, some artwork to frame, a Stay Puft marshmallow man, a Buffy sketch book from Georges Jeanty, some pins and some vinyl stickers.

Oh, and the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Monopoly game. I’m trying to convince my sister to play it with me, but apparently I always won when we played Monopoly as kids and she claims she’s scarred. Hmph.

Here are my three favorite photos of the day. Please ignore the fact that I clearly need to stop wearing and/or burn that shirt.


That’s right. I met Wolverine. Didn’t drool on him or anything (I waited until after he walked away. I’m classy like that.)


I buddied up to a Dalek. I think it’s decided to accept peace, love and happiness. Either that, or it’s dead. Whatever.


I found the TARDIS! Sadly, the Doctor was not waiting to whisk me away, but I’m sure it’ll happen next time…right?

4 thoughts on “Planet Comicon

  1. Annie would *totally* play Dr. Who Monopoly with you. Especially if you’d let her wear her fez and bowtie…..


  2. The fez and bowtie are important. Maybe she can come over sometime soon and we can play Monopoly and then watch Doctor Who. Or….OR….we could play it in public and weird people out. Even better!


    1. Should you ever come to KC, I’ll hook you up with a couch to sleep on and we’ll play Doctor Who Monopoly. 🙂


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