Pete Seeger

I grew up listening to Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie and Peter Paul & Mary. Their voices are a permanent part of my personal soundtrack. I’ve seen Arlo Guthrie and Peter Paul & Mary in person, but I never got the chance to see Pete Seeger in person and now I never will. There are a… Continue reading Pete Seeger


Book Pusher – The Stand

I remember the first time I read The Stand. I was at my dad’s house and so bored. It was summer vacation and I’d already read all the books I brought with me, so I decided it was time to pillage Dad’s bookcases. Vonnegut…no. Heinlein…no. Some weird transcendental text…no.


Lazy Sunday

I intended to go out today, but then snow and frigid temperatures happened. Instead, I stayed home and did my best Arthur Dent impression (pajamas and a robe all day) and drank a lot of tea while playing on the internet and absolutely not watching an episode of Sherlock weeks before it’s scheduled to air… Continue reading Lazy Sunday