Comics Review Pt. 3: Time to visit the Whedonverse

Angel & Faith #7-11:

Faith is out of the jungle! Literally. I’m glad that story arc is wrapped up because while some Riley and Sam time is always…um, thrilling, I can only handle it for so long. I feel bad for Faith, because it seems like she’s always trapped in her head and is weighed down by regrets and remorse. Hopefully Nadira’s talk will help her feel better. High points: Fred! Angel and Faith hug! Amy is a rat! Low point: I spent way more time than I wanted to spend contemplating a jar of Warren. Ew.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #8-11:

A random in a crowd criticizing Spike’s poetry might just be the funniest thing ever. Andrew was going to try to resurrect Tara? Good thing Willow talked him out of it–imagine what it would have been like for her to come back after all that time in heaven. Enjoyably snarky moment talking about the Bechdel Test in #10. As always: Damn it, Harmony. At least unicorns are totally real now. High points: Andrew finally came out! Spuffy kiss! Low point: What in the everloving fuck did you just do to yourself, Andrew? Dumbass.