Classic Alice

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried to make you watch Classic Alice before. If I haven’t, this is me trying to make you watch Classic Alice.

Check out the trailer for the first seven books:

They’re currently running an IndieGogo campaign* to raise money so they can film more books.

Classic Alice uses transmedia, which means that while you can follow the story by just watching the videos, it’s enhanced by also following the characters on Twitter, Tumblr, and Soundcloud. To enjoy the entire series from start to end with transmedia included, check out the Narrative.

I really enjoy this show because while it does touch on classic books, as a lot of webseries are currently doing, it has original characters. Even if you’ve read the book they’re focusing on, you still don’t know how the storyline is going to go because it’s how the characters relate to the story, not the story itself.

Here’s a few more reviews if for some reason my opinion isn’t enough for you (blasphemy!):


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