Comics Review: March 4 and March 11

Thor #6:

Uh oh! Odinson crossed Jane Foster off the list for the shittiest of reasons and now I’m fucking sad: she has breast cancer. Poor Jane. Odin is still being as useless as a bag of dicks, Malekith and Dario are making shady deals and we hardly see Thor at all. Clearly a filler issue and despite the cover, we still don’t know who Thor is beneath the helm. Jerks. Points to Freyja for trying to slap the stupid out of Odin. Too bad it didn’t work.

Ms. Marvel #13:

Let’s see…Kamala is training with the Inhumans, but still living at home. Medusa and Lockjaw have a nice little conversation about how she’s worried that Kamala will make friends with Inhumans that are not exactly pure of heart. Kamala gets home and has breakfast with her family only to find out that she’s going to be stuck playing host to friends of the family who are visiting from out of town. You know how it is, just…ugh. Not them. That kid used to pick his nose and he’s gross and I’m going to have to deal with “wouldn’t they make such a cute couple?” comments and…whoa. He’s hot.


So….I was totally on the Bruno train, like whoa. He’s great and he likes Kamala.

But Kamran? Hot, smart, likes playing the same game Kamala does, and he’s another Inhuman. They’ve got a lot in common! He’s going to turn out bad, isn’t he? That damn foreshadowing…

Captain Marvel #13

Captain Marvel and her ship had a nice little snarkfest with each other and managed to escape the space envelope and attack a ship harvesting a space bear. Yes, those are words that I just strung together that actually make sense when describing this issue. What. The. Fuck?

Anyways, Chewie is safe. Tic has been set free and has her own spaceship right now. And Carol? I’m ready for her to return to Earth. The space stuff is wearing on me.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3:

It’s not a particularly deep book, but it is laugh out loud funny. I keep thinking that I’m going to stop reading it because it’s ridiculous, then I get a new issue and it’s hilarious.

Doreen is trying to get to the moon to stop Galactus, but things keep getting in the way. Whiplash sees the Iron Man suit that Doreen “borrowed” and decided to go after her. Whiplash ruined one of the nifty cards that Deadpool gave Doreen–harsh! Doreen then sets squirrels after Whiplash and defeats him easily.

You’d think that would be enough, but then there’s the tiny detail of a bank robbery and her roommate Nancy being one of the captives. Nancy gives the robbers a tongue-lashing, Doreen and squirrels save the day, and Nancy spies Tippy in the mass of squirrels. Not very top-secret to have your squirrel sidekick wearing a bow. Pro tip.

super hero neutralizers

Doreen gets to the moon and is possibly not in time to stop Galactus. Yikes.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #12

Eeeeeeeeeeeeh. Basically Loki gloating to Loki (trust me, you’d need a flow-chart to make sense of it). I think that maybe I’m done with Loki?

Black Widow #16:

We get a flashback to Natasha as a child. It’s a great little character-building arc that shows you at least part of what made her the Black Widow. interspersed with the the flashbacks are shots of a conversation that she’s having with her rescuer from the last issue–the Prophet, who leads Chaos. You know, the organization she’s been chasing? He says he serves the future and has an offer for her…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #13

Buffy and Spike’s morning after is awkward for two reasons:

1. Buffy effortlessly wedged her foot in her mouth by asking Spike if he’d turned evil. Way to reference the ex-boyfriend that the current boyfriend has an adversarial relationship with.
2. Spike was concerned if he’d turned evil after having a dream about killing people for the fun of it.

So…then Spike was called to look at a murder scene and the dead people? From his dream. Spike goes to Xander and they both freak out a bit together. Xander distracts Buffy by going to Andrew to apologize for being over the top in his reaction to Andrew coming out. Spike goes to Willow and Giles for a magical review to see if they can figure out why he’s dreaming about killing.

Buffy finds out that the Scoobies distracted her and pointed out to Spike that she tends not to be amused by lies. Willow then goes to Aluwyn and breaks up with her. You’d think immortals would be fairly chill about this considering how many people they come across through their lives, but Aluwyn was not amused. Looks like Willow may have a new enemy.

Divinity #1:

First off, the cover is what sucked me in–it’s eye-catching and the paper is heavier and more matte than is typically used for comic book covers.


The storyline is about Abram Adams, who grew up in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. They were getting antsy about the US’s space program and decided that if they US was going to aim for the moon, they were going to aim for the edge of the galaxy. He agreed to a 30 year mission–15 years there and 15 years back. The story then picks up in 2015 when he returns to earth and lands in Australia. He’s been forgotten by the Russians, but it does seem like he’s picked up a few new powers while he was gone.