Comics Review: Free Comic Book Day

I hope that you took the opportunity to visit your local comic book shop for Free Comic Book Day!

If not, you should go next year–it’s held on the first Saturday of May. Shops often make it an event. You’ll find all sorts of geekery at your local shop when you stop by. One year? Stormtroopers.

I stopped by Pop Culture Comix this year and snagged a few titles.


OMFG–the Hulk is hiding out in Vista Verde. Not even trying for subtlety. Nice. Too bad that was in the first page or two and then I fell asleep because I’m pretty sure that was written for children. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to have been written for particularly clever children.

Then there were a few pages for Avengers Assemble, to advertise for a post-Avengers (1) cartoon. Total sausage fest–where the fuck was Black Widow? As you might imagine with such a sausage fest (Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hawkeye), it was basically just some metaphorical dick measuring. But kid-friendly. That’s a thing, right?


So, first of all, holy fucking shit. I will be seeing if I can find a copy of this when I go to the shop this week to snag my pull list.

The colors are fabulous.
The artwork is fabulous.
The storyline promises to be hilarious.

Girl lives on some sort of laboratory campus with her father. A t-rex imprints on her and decides she’s the best ever.

Do you really need to know more than this?



12th Doctor Story: Told from Clara’s perspective, riffing on 10’s “that’s what kind of Doctor I am” speech. Already heard it done better, thanks. 12’s quips are tired and really, the whole story is tired. Maybe the problem is that a Doctor Who story tends to need more than 6 pages to work?

11th Doctor Story: Trying to be funny, referencing Free Comic Book Day. That type of shit needs to be done well and this is so smirky and self-referential I flipped to the front to see if Moffat was writing it. Nope. I feel a bit stupider for having read that and I hate saying that in reference to anything Doctor Who.

10th Doctor Story: Doing laundry with Gabby from the laundromat! Enjoyed it more because damn it, I like Gabby. And I want the Doctor’s laundry machine. Kiiiiiiind of grossed out by the unnecessary panel of Gabby bathing. Do love the shot of the closet and the obligatory snark at the 5th Doctor’s outfit. There’s a mud demon who just happens to be returning the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver after he left it in the wash.

Verdict: 10th Doctor rules. 11th Doctor and 12th Doctor? Sorry, you’re just not ready for comics yet.


Labyrinth: Cory Godbey, your art is fabulous. Like wow. The style, the colors, the everything perfectly captures the characters of Labyrinth. It’s not really a story, but just 4 pages of jokes. And you know what? It works for me far better than trying to cram a story into such a small space.

Iscariot: Again with more beautiful artwork, this time by S.M. Vidaurri. Six pages, which are just enough to tell a sweet little story about a magician who visits a little girl named Carson in the hospital. She’s being treated for cancer and he’s given her a little bit of hope and a spark of magic. There’s an interview with the author/artist on Comics Alliance and all six pages are shown. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this comic when it’s for sale later this year.

Mouse Guard: Looooove David Peterson’s artwork. Normally when I come across Mouse Guard, my reaction is “that’s so pretty” followed by a huge yawn because I just can not make myself care about the stories. I’ve tried. I promise. This story starts out with mice weaving and spinning, so you know they’ve got my attention for at least the first page. Too bad it then ended up being a preachy homily about being humble and serving others, thus allowing me to continue my streak of disliking Mouse Guard.

Adventure Time: Um. It’s setting up a story to mock gamers who don’t like letting in new people, which I’m always cool with, so yay? I dunno, I want to like Adventure Time. The artwork is cute and by all accounts it’s a great comic. Maybe I am too old? Not drunk enough?

Regular Show: Uh. That’s gonna be a no from me. No on the artwork, no on the story (to be fair, it’s really more of a 2-page joke), no on the whole thing. Nope.

Peanuts: Have you seen the strips where Lucy gives Snoopy writing advice? You have already read these 4 pages. Rip them out and hand them to your favorite writer.

Garfield: Jon uses food to motivate Garfield to win a competition to see who is the fastest cat in the world. He wins $10000, which is enough money to buy more than eight meals for Garfield. Yes, that was actually the final joke. Did I ruin that super original, new and exciting story for you? Whoops.

Lumberjanes: Sadly, the girls are not getting to go to the Raccoon Rodeo. But hey–there are instructions on how to make friendship bracelets, complete with diagram! Then some weird finish to the story that would make far more sense to me if I actually read Lumberjanes, which I do not. Oh well.

Munchkin: Welp. I’m no longer sad that I wasn’t able to find this comic at the store.

Help Us! Great Warrior: I don’t think there will ever be enough alcohol in the world to get me drunk enough for that.


Secret Wars is this big storyline Marvel is doing that’s affecting all their books where all the different Marvel worlds are colliding. I presume that once this is done, instead of having multiple storylines of the same character, they’ll have one storyline for that character. To say I am unenthusiastic about this is an understatement. This is responsible for Captain Marvel and Thor being cancelled. This book? Not really helping me feel better about it.


Getting a sneak peek of the new Avengers and you guys, Kamala Khan is yelling “Avengers assemble!” on the first page, so you know I’m going to be cool with it. I’m liking the interplay between the characters. Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel) is currently my favorite Marvel character because Matt Fraction and David Aja are no longer doing Hawkeye (I may never finish whining about that). Thor is here! Miles Morales is here! Other…Avengers are here. People whose books I don’t read. Hi guys. Way to Avenge shit.

There’s a second story introducing a new Inhuman who’s had their powers activated by terrigen mist. I almost feel like I should look up more Inhumans stories once this Secret Wars bullshit is over because Queen Medusa has been consistently awesome and with the Inhumans movie scheduled in a few years, I might as well start becoming familiar with the characters and mythology.

There’s also a tiny little story where a girl named Max jumps off a cliff and flies. It’s a James Patterson story and looks like it might be neat and have absolutely nothing to do with Marvel continuity which frankly, sounds kind of awesome right about now. Might pick it up if I see it at the shop.


Gronk is very cute and probably very good for young readers who don’t like very scary stuff. There’s also a second story featuring Hero Cats of Stellar City. The art style is enjoyable though again, it definitely is aimed towards younger readers.


Not going to lie. I grabbed this one because it had a sad looking teddy bear on the cover with menacing shadows over it. A little boy is stolen away by the Boogeyman into The Dark and his faithful toys follow him and are turned into real versions of themselves. A teddy bear becomes an actual bear, etc. I think I’ll have to check out a trade just so I can see more of the artwork.


There’s a flip side of this book for Thanatos Driver: There’s salvage. Underwater. There’s a forbidden zone. There’s a rival. There’s me setting the book down.

Overall, I’d say I’ve found a few new books to check out: Terrible Lizard, Iscariot, Avengers, Max Ride First Flight, and Stuff of Legend. Not a bad haul.

Time to pass these around and try and get more people hooked on comics!