So, you know how sometimes you decide you’re going to get your shit together and you’re going to do everything you keep meaning to do?

You make up lists, you put the lists in this neat new program you found, you reorganize your lists, you check off three items, and then you abandon those lists like they were a platter of appetizers you saw the waiter sneeze on?


I had grand intentions to start posting more. I made a calendar, I stuck to it for a while, I got distracted by my next new set of grand intentions and then I kind of ditched the blog for months. I sure as fuck hope you’re using an RSS reader or they’ve subscribed because if I’m counting on people to remember to come to the site and read this, well…that probably ended a few months ago.

First I got distracted by plans to make my apartment look like a grownup lives here. I’ve tossed out loads of crap, donated more, and recycled. I’ve ditched old shabby bookcases for newer and shinier bookcases (thanks, Mom!). I’ve started getting rid of all the brown in my living room. I got a new TV cabinet. I briefly considered hanging things on my walls (and then realized that it’s an awful lot of effort and it’s more likely I’ll move to a new apartment before I hang things and my lease isn’t up for over a year).

I was then distracted by the Metafilter thread on Jess Zimmerman’s article about Emotional Labor. Reading and keeping up on the thread took over a month. The conversation wasn’t over when the thread closed, so it’s since been moved to a new discussion site and I’ve been keeping busy over there.

Now I’ve been distracted by the idea of planners, again thanks to Metafilter. One of the planner videos I saw mentioned a blogging calendar, and now we’ve come full circle.

Blog. I have one. Here. Hi.

Perhaps I’ll get myself a shiny new calendar and keep it up for a few months and feed it stickers and various colored inks and it’ll remind me to post more often. Perhaps I’ll get distracted and hang pictures. We’ll see.

Do you use a planner or a blog calendar? If so, I’d appreciate it if you’d share any suggestions or tips in the comments below!