Hamilton is my current favorite musical. Sure, I haven’t seen it. Sure, I probably won’t get to see a production for years. But damn it, the OBCR is amazing.

It started years ago when Lin-Manuel Miranda picked up a copy of Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton at the airport for vacation reading. The first public glimpse of the show was in 2009 at the White House Poetry Jam.


Sounds crazy, right? A hip hop telling of the Founding Fathers? Who could even come up with such a thing?

Lin-Manuel Miranda. That’s who.

#Ham4Ham (a Hamilton for a Hamilton ticket, love it) is the mini-show they put on before the ticket lottery every Wednesday and Saturday. My favorite is when the three actors who have played King George lip sync the Schuyler Sisters’ song:

You can stream it through Amazon Prime or Spotify. If you decide to listen, I suggest having Genius up to read the lyrics and learn more about what they mean. There’s a lot packed into the show!

It’s even started inspiring some wonderful covers. This is Musicality covering Wait For It, one of my favorite songs from the entire show:

Update: If you are struggling to find me a gift, I like the t-shirt and candle on this list of Hamilton presents.

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